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We are getting hundreds of calls from members and the business community concerned about 'next steps' as a result of the launch of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) October 1. Please be advised that you don't need to worry - you don't need to make any decisions immediately.

As your Trusted Advisor the Amherst Chamber of Commerce is gearing up to walk you through the process and provide you all the information you need to make the selection that best meets your financial and benefit requirements.

If you are a current insurance subscriber with the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, you will receive your Open Enrollment information in early November which is consistent with our annual timeline.  That information packet will include plan choices with benefit data, prices and appropriate enrollment forms.  It will also include dates for workshops we will be hosting.  You have until December 15th to make your benefit selection so don't panic.

We will help you determine if you qualify for a subsidy during the open enrollment process.  A subsidy is available, based on income eligibility only through the public exchange.  However, as a Broker, we have ability to identify multiple plans that are customized to your needs off the exchange or on the private exchanges where subsidies don't apply.

Many of our members are asking if their current plan will still be available.  The carriers have made changes to many plans and discontinued others but we will work with you in an attempt to identify a plan that mirrors your current plan or meets your current needs.

If you don't currently utilize the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and our Benefit Solutions Division for your health insurance, call Angela at 632-6905 and make an appointment to learn how we can assist you. If you are an employer and would like us to work individually with your staff to advise them on their health insurance options, please let us know and we will send you information packets and workshop dates.

Our mission, as a Chamber of Commerce, is to provide products and services that nurture the wealth and prosperity of the business community.  As health insurance costs escalate, this component of our services has taken on more importance.  We continue to dedicate our staff to learning so that we may share our expertise with you, our members, and provide you with the resources to grow and thrive.

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