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First Monday February 2010

by clopez
Fri, Jan 29th 2010 02:00 pm





Together, We Are Better.


By the time this newsletter hits your desk, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce Annual Luncheon will be over and our 2010 program year will be officially launched.  Our board members and officers will have been installed, Supervisor Weinstein will have given the State of the Town Address and over 225 business and community leaders will go back to concentrating on their jobs.  However, this year we want to continually remind you of our theme – Together – We are Better.  While the Chamber has a strong reputation in the region for our collaborative spirit, we want to strengthen that message and refine the leadership model that calls on all stakeholders to work together.


The Annual Luncheon was an ideal opportunity to kick off our Together campaign with our New York State representative, Assemblyman Jim Hayes, who installed our Board.  We all recognize the challenges Albany presents residents and businesses as we struggle through these tough economic times.  We can continue to counter every issue or we can work towards resolution.  It won’t be easy.  We have decades of entrenched poor behavior to alter in our State Capital.  But we also have representatives like Assemblyman Hayes and Senator Ranzenhofer that are responsive to the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and our members.  In 2010 and beyond, we pledge to work together as an organization with our state officials to effect change for the better.  Together – We are Better!



Chamber leadership has already met with newly elected Amherst Town Supervisor and we have agreed to work together to strengthen Amherst’s legacy for being a wonderful place to live, work and play.  We will continue to interface with the entire town board, individually and collectively, to insure future prosperity.  The Town of Amherst is fortunate to have so many loyal, dedicated town employees and Department Heads.  We have established a great working relationship over the years and look forward to a continuation of working together. 


2010 Chairman of the Board, Mark Gaulin, will focus on the organizational structure of the Chamber and how it lends itself to successful outcomes by utilizing all the resources available to us.  Those resources are available because we work together with all size businesses, diverse industries, public and private institutions and organizations and public officials from both sides of the aisle.  The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is not the answer to every problem and every challenge in our region but we are a ‘go-to’ agency for assistance.  That is because Together, We are Better!


Next month’s edition of this newsletter will include an outline of our Annual Program of Work.  Many of you have responded to past appeals and offered your support and accepted our invitation to participate in initiatives such as UB 2020, Town of Amherst Redevelopment, the Be Buffalo campaign, among other issues.  We will be reaching out to you in the next couple of weeks and, once again, encourage other members to get involved.  Email me at for further information.










A Great Way to Increase Your Profibility


The Amherst Chamber of Commerce currently sponsors four professional networking groups – ProNets.  These are industry exclusive networking groups that meet twice a month for the purpose of sharing leads and/or supporting one another and working together.  While occasionally meetings are held at member facilities, the majority of the meetings are held in the Chamber offices Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings.  ProNets have been extremely useful for our members and many participants have grown their businesses significantly as a result of their participation.  We are looking to populate the groups with new members and encourage you to reach out to us to determine if there is an industry opening in a group that meets on a day that is convenient for you.  Each group currently has approximately 30 members and would like to increase their ranks to 40.  Unfortunately, certain industries such as insurance and financial planning are well represented but most other occupations can be accommodated.  Contact for further information or to submit your application.





Member Testimonial



Katherine Lucas from Emedia Studios endorses Chamber engagement.


I received the following testimonial from Amherst Chamber member Katherine Lucas:


“The Circle of Influence is the Circle of Life for a small business!  I have made so many wonderful connections since joining the Amherst Chamber.  While I belong to a number of networking organizations, nothing has the energy and the tangible rewards of the Amherst Chamber events.


Today was a perfect example.  I received a call from Pat Kibler-Fries from the Amherst Senior Center.  They need a video and she read the featured business article that the Chamber kindly ran last month.  Pat had worked with the company that preceded Emedia Studios and had good experiences with both creative and crew.  She was confident that we would be a good fit with her mission because of her history with my mentor.  She wouldn’t have thought of us without the article, and we are grateful on so many levels.  One aspect of Emedia Studios is its devotion to the Community and that is reflected in the goals of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce with its support, empowerment, and energy for business development.


Thank you for helping my business, and in turn, all of us.”


Katherine has captured the value of membership in the Amherst Chamber in her testimonial.  Utilize your membership, get involved and you will receive the tangible return on investment we promise each member.  This outcome epitomizes our pledge to recognize our member’s good business practices and how, when we work together, everyone wins.

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