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 Medical Question and Answer

I have a child in college. Can I continue to cover him/her on my health plan?

Yes. Make sure the health insurance plan you choose covers your dependent(s) to the appropriate age. It will let you know how long your dependent is covered and what requirements must be met in order to continue coverage.

I have prescription drug co-pays that read $15/$50/50%, what does that mean?

A three tier prescription program means that you will pay one of three co-payments depending on the tier your prescription falls under. Most generic drugs have the lowest co-pay, preferred brand-name drugs have a slightly higher co-payment and non-preferred drugs require the highest co-payment. 

How do I find out what co-pay/tier my prescription drugs fall under?

To find out which tier your prescription is categorized under, visit your insurance carrier's website and search for the drug formulary.

Can I have my prescription drugs filled at any pharmacy?

No. Check with your insurance carrier to ensure the pharmacy is a participating pharmacy with that insurance company. Some insurance companies have this information on their website.

I've heard there are mail order drug programs that deliver your medications to your door. Is that an option for me?

Most insurance carriers offer a mail order option that provides convenient home delivery of your prescription drugs, and may also save you money. Please reference your plan booklet to see if your insurance plan offers this option.

Next year I will be eligible for Medicare, if i'm still working can I continue to participate in my health insurance plan?

Medicare guidelines vary depending on the size of the company and how you are insured. If you do not enroll in Medicare Part B at the appropriate time you may be subject to an additional penalty along with your monthly premium. To make sure you get accurate information, check with your broker or group administrator.

Where do I get more information on Health Savings Accounts?

Our staff can help you find accurate information on Health Savings Accounts (HSA), you can also ask us to send you an HSA Q&A. For information on HSA legislation and IRS Guidelines, log on to the U.S. Treasuries website or the IRS' website
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