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President's Message


The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is the solution for small businesses that are trying to manage health care plans and keep their employees happy and healthy.  Selecting and managing health care plans has become a major headache for small employers.  They struggle with selecting a plan that is affordable for the young and healthy, while meeting the needs of those with more significant health care needs.  Additionally, how does your business help employees use their benefits efficiently?  Have you chosen the wrong plan?Have you failed to properly educate your employees on what their insurance policies cover?


The Amherst Chamber will assist you in identifying the optimal health insurance plan for you and/or your employees by understanding your particular needs and identifying benefits that correspond with both your size and budget.  Whether you are a sole proprietor or a firm with 20 or fewer employees, we can help.


We do not outsource our insurance.  We have two licensed, experienced brokers on the Chamber staff who work with our members to assist them in making the best choice for their company.  Because we are a broker, we can provide multiple plan options at varying price points to respond to the different needs of your workforce.  We can bill the employee directly, or bill you as the employer and you can utilize payroll deductions for the employee contribution.  Sound confusing?  It doesn't need to be.  Call Penny LaPlaca at the Chamber office, 632-6905, or email her at to schedule an appointment, and learn more about how we can save you the stress of selecting plans and identify the cost-effective benefits that respond to yours and your employee's health insurance requirements.  

We have also partnered with a payroll company to make the employee contribution component easy and affordable. 


At the end of the day, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping our members be profitable and sustainable, access to health insurance and our outstanding service model is one of our featured benefits that support this mission.

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