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The Chamber Meets Health Goals by Taking Part in the Challenge



The Chamber staff is always looking for new, exciting ways to keep up with our health.  When we received an email from the Independent Health and Buffalo Bills' Wellness Challenge, we decided to jump on board and reach our health and wellness goals.

The six-week Challenge, beginning Monday, April 20 and concluding Sunday, May 31, was designed to motivate and engage the community in their health and wellness. Daily, the staff will check their email to see what the challenge of the day is.  As we achieve these challenges, we receive points.  There are days where ambition kicks in and we will go for the "extra points" challenges to get closer to the chance to win.  

In addition to reaching our fitness and clean eating goals, we are working toward the prizes that are being offered.  Each week, five prizes are drawn for participating members.  The grand prize is a trip for two to see the Bills play in London!  That gives us the incentive to stay on track and work toward our personal best.

I strongly encourage you to refer to the challenge's website, to learn more about this great program!  London trips and strides in health- what more could you ask for?






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