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Are you getting the most out of your wellness benefits?


Wellness cards, gym reimbursements, standard gym benefit and nutrition benefits are all added benefits we hear about with insurance plans, but what do they mean?  What is included with these benefits and how do you make the most of using them to the fullest?  Depending on what health insurance plan you have selected for 2015, your plan will either include one of these wellness benefits as a standard or you will be able to pick between a couple different options.

Let's start with BlueCross BlueShield.  Regardless of what plan you selected with BlueCross BlueShield in 2015 you will receive a $250 wellness card.  If you had a wellness card last year, that same card will be reloaded with $250.  If you did not receive a wellness card last year, you should be expecting to receive your wellness card in the mail and can begin using it immediately.  This wellness card acts like a debit card and you can use it at participating providers for gym memberships, massages, acupuncture, health food stores, chiropractors, etc. 


For a full list of participating providers and locations please visit,  For other health and wellness information and tips from BlueCross BlueShield please visit, 




Depending on what plan you chose with Independent Health, your plan will either include the NY Standard Gym Benefit or a choice between a Nutrition Benefit or a Health Extras Benefit.  The NY Standard Gym Benefits offers the subscriber an opportunity to be reimbursed up for $400 for a gym membership.  You must prepay your membership and complete 50 visits to the facility in a 6 month period in order to be eligible. 


For more information about the gym benefit please visit,


The Nutrition Benefit rewards you for buying fresh fruits and vegetables when shopping at tops.  For every $2.00 spent on these items, you will receive a $1.00 credit for a quarterly rewards card to be used for future purchases at tops.  You can earn up to $500 dollars as an individual or $1,000 as a family each year. 


The Health Extras Benefit is a $250 prepaid Mastercard to use for health and wellness services.  For participating providers and locations please visit, .  For other health and wellness benefit information from Independent Health please visit,


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