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The Amherst Chamber of Commerce understands that time is important to you. As you know, it is essential that you keep yourself healthy in order to keep the cost of health care manageable but it is sometimes difficult to set aside the time to take preventative measures or routinely visit your physician.


With the evolution of technology, insurance carriers have compiled libraries of useful information their members can utilize online. The Amherst Chamber wants to make sure our members have an understanding of the various ways to find information & answers to your health and wellness questions so you can determine when it's the right time to visit your physician, urgent care facility or emergency room.


Last month, we introduced the "Frequently Asked Questions" page of our website. While we aim to provide valuable information on our website, we cannot provide the comprehensive data that is available on the health insurance carrier's websites. This month we wanted to focus on ways to access information directly from your health insurance carrier whether it is BlueCross BlueShield of WNY, Independent Health or Univera.


Below is a just a sample of what you will find on your carrier's website:

  • Nurse Line- members can be connected 24/7 to registered nurses that will answer your questions and everyday "what-ifs".  
  • Wellness Information- Visit your provider's website to learn more about the possible services and discounts that may be available by presenting your insurance ID card.
  • "Find A Doctor or Hospital"- online directories are available on all carrier's websites, allowing you to search for medical providers, hospitals, labs, urgent care centers or pharmacies that accept your plan.
  • Drug Formulary- this can be searched to find equivalent options for brand name drugs in your area
  • Claims- members can access information on claims and how they were adjudicated


As you will read in Independent Health's article this month, a key to reforming the health care system is technology. For specific information and services for your health care provider, visit their website and locate the "members" tab. If you would like to learn more about the options you have to access medical information or Chamber health insurance, contact Christian Solecki at or 632-6905.


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