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Independent Health Works to Reduce Hospital Readmissions

Independent Health continues its efforts to engage in wide-ranging partnerships and collaborations to improve the quality of care, which will lower the rising cost trends over time.  We were recently recognized for our work on reducing hospital readmissions for Medicare patients in a report published by the Alliance of Community Health (ACHP). 


The report, "Health plan innovations in health care: transitions of care from hospital to home," highlights our efforts in facilitating the transition of patients' care from the hospital to their home. Independent Health is recognized for our collaboration with hospital staff, physicians and nurses to discuss opportunities for reinforcing and improving care transitions.  We have successfully engaged the physician community, which has been very supportive of our initiatives.


As the report mentions, "nearly one in five Medicare patients discharged from the hospital is readmitted within 30 days, leading to high costs of care, poor quality, and low patient satisfaction."  We are helping to reduce the likelihood of readmission by fostering both greater alignment within the health care system and better care coordination. We have found fewer readmissions year after year. Continuing to work on lowering high cost readmissions will help to realize our goal of CPI+2%.


To view the complete report, please click on the following link:


Our innovative leadership and patient-centered approach is transforming the way care is delivered in our community. We will continue to partner with physicians and other health care providers to lower hospital readmissions and improve all areas of care.      


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