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Windsong Radiology Makes Commitment to 

Life-Saving Technology


Long a trailblazer in offering advanced imaging technology, Windsong Radiology, headquartered at 55 Spindrift Drive in Williamsville, NY, has made a significant investment in a revolutionary 3D technology that improves early detection of breast cancer. Women now have a choice for this new procedure at each of the Windsong locations in Williamsville, Amherst, Lancaster and Hamburg.


According to a recent study, 3D breast cancer screening finds 40 percent more invasive cancers than conventional 2D mammography and has demonstrated a 27% increase in the detection of all cancers. Breast abnormalities such as masses, distortions, and asymmetric densities are better visualized with this breakthrough technology.


The seismic shift in breast imaging to a more individualized approach follows on the knowledge that breast density and family history play an important role in breast cancer screening. For the nearly 50% of women whose dense breast tissue makes it difficult, at best, to detect abnormalities with 2D mammography, this change is welcome news. Advanced 3D technology enables radiologists to see abnormalities in the dense breast tissue of these women like never before, offering greater sensitivity and improved early detection rates.

For many of us it seems logical that the 200 images taken with 3D mammography, or tomosynthesis, could more easily detect abnormalities than the four images provided by mainstream 2D mammography. Not only is this technology more sensitive, but it is also more specific. The 3D mammogram often eliminates the need for additional images and has reduced the anxiety provoking recall rates by nearly 40%. Unnecessary imaging and additional procedures are welcome news to patients and their cost sharing insurance healthcare partners.

Windsong believes so strongly in this life-saving technology that even though reimbursement does not adequately cover the additional time and technology costs, the team of radiologists are committed to offering this choice to women who may have family history or dense breast tissue.


Dr. Anna Chen, Windsong's Director of Women's Imaging shared, "This technology is so very important. We will not be satisfied until all insurers are covering this life saving screening for all women."

Windsong is the most experienced and only free-standing facility in the area with 3D mammography. To learn more, please go to



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