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Explore Additional Disability Benefits Options at a Lower Cost



Did you know that New York State is one of a small group of states in the Country that require employers to provide disability benefits for employees to cover injury or illnesses that may arise off the job?  Small businesses with at least two employees are required to provide these disability benefits - no matter the industry.


For example, if you or someone on your staff falls and breaks their leg, New York State requires plans to minimally provide payment of 50% of an employees' average weekly wage - up to $170.  A seven day waiting period would follow after an illness or injury and payments would continue for up to 26 weeks.  Employers are allowed to collect contributions from their employees to offset the cost of the premiums for disability coverage.  However, an employee's contribution is limited to half of 1% of their wage - no more than 60 cents per week.


As we all know, $170 may not be enough to support a household relying on a weekly income that is now much lower than when the employee is able to work. This is why, in addition to coverage mandated by the State, employers can also offer their employees the option of additional coverage. Many insurance carriers offer benefit options for small businesses that are above the NYS requirements. This extra coverage could even serve as a fringe benefit offered to your employees, helping to retain qualified workers at a time when bonuses or raises may not be an option for a much lower cost.


The Amherst Chamber of Commerce understands that there are many costs associated with running your business, not the least of which is employee disability insurance. If offering additional benefits to your employees, at their cost or yours, is something that would be a good fit for your business, the Chamber can help.  We want to make sure that you have the best plan possible when it comes to disability insurance.  Reach out to the Chamber today to find out if we can lower the costs of disability benefits currently provided, or to see if this is a cost effective benefit you can begin providing for your employees.


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