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2012 Health Insurance Rates are in - Are you sure you are not

paying too much?


Health Insurance premiums have become one of the major expenses incurred by businesses, by workers and by individuals.  While the federal government and New York state are trying to figure out how to roll out a new health care plan, most of the population is confused about what to do next.  The Amherst Chamber of Commerce staff has been actively involved in the dialogue at both the federal and the state level and with the health insurance carriers.  And, the conclusion is - Nothing has been concluded.  At least nothing that will impact subscribers.  During the next year, much will be decided regarding the Federal designation of Essential Benefits and New York State will be designing the Exchanges.  But until then, you must continue to select your health insurance coverage as you have in the past.  The Amherst Chamber can assist you in assuring that you have the right plan for your needs at the lowest cost.


Each and every day, dozens of employers, sole proprietors and small businesses reach out to the Chamber staff requesting support for their business.  They may need statistical information or marketing assistance.  They may be looking for office space or a recommendation for a professional service.  They all have in common on thing - they want to save money or make money.  Every time we assist, we increase the prosperity of that individual and, in the aggregate, the prosperity of the region.  Health insurance has become an obstacle to that prosperity.  To assist local businesses in making the right choices and offering them multiple coverage opportunities, we created an in-house insurance brokerage - Benefit Solutions.  As a result, we can create personalized insurance plans for our members.  Christian Solecki, our licensed benefits manager, is available five days a week to answer your questions or compare your current rates with our offerings.  If you are a small business and don't know if you have the right plan, let us serve as your benefits manager.  We bring in our partners, Lawley Benefits, to work with our larger clients. 


Why should you call us?  You should call us if you are a business in Western New York and want to see if you can lower your insurance premiums for you and/or your employees.  You should call us if you own your own business (sole proprietor) and want to see if we can lower your insurance premiums.  You should call us if you work for a member firm more than 17 and a half hours a week and would like to sign up for insurance. You should call us if you and your employees want several carriers in your insurance offerings.   You should call us if you want to offer health insurance to your employees but at no cost to you - we will do all the administration and billing.  Bottom line: if you have or need health insurance -  you should call us - 632-6905.


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