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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is once again upon us at the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  This is a very important time in the health insurance calendar when members are able to select their health and dental insurance options for 2012.  Please note that this is the only time throughout the year that insurance carriers allow changes to be made to health insurance plans unless there has been a qualifying event (i.e. marriage, birth of a child, adoption, etc.) that has occurred.  If you currently have health insurance through the Chamber and miss the Open Enrollment deadlines, you will unfortunately be required to wait until the 2012 Open Enrollment period to choose a new plan. 
If you are currently enrolled in a chamber medical or dental plan, you will be receiving information in the mail shortly regarding plans and premiums for 2012.  Information sessions have been scheduled and our Insurance Manager will be available to walk through the 2012 plans and answer any of your questions.  Applications for 2012 changes can be completed at this time as well.  Should you choose to continue with your current plan, simply complete the Acknowledgement Form contained within the packet you receive in the mail and return it with your first quarter premium.  Should you choose to cancel coverage, the Chamber requires a cancellation request to be submitted in writing before it is able to be processed. 
The Chamber encourages you to use Open Enrollment as a time to review your current plan, whether provided through the Chamber or not.  Members who may be enrolled for insurance through a spouse's plan are encouraged to visit the chamber to see if costs can be reduced in any way.  The Chamber can also help members who have employees that may not qualify for their current group plans.  Membership in the Chamber allows all employees to be eligible for insurance - as long as they meet the preset requirements of the insurance carriers.  The Chamber can invoice these employees directly, handling all of the administrative work and freeing your time to concentrate on the most important thing - your business.
Open Enrollment is your opportunity to move from a plan you may be unhappy with to one that will better fit your medical and financial needs so please don't miss out! Click here  to sign up for an Open Enrollment informational session at the Chamber today. Please feel free to reach out to Christian Solecki, Insurance Benefits Manager, at any time with questions you may have on Open Enrollment or the Chamber's health insurance options.  He can be reached by email at or by phone at 716.632.6905.  
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