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On Friday, May 6, 2011, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce will host elected officials from all levels of government who represent the residents and taxpayers in the Town of Amherst.


At every level of government, public officials are challenged with the responsibility of representing their constituents.  This sometimes involves the arduous task of not only identifying but prioritizing issues that benefit the community at large.  Often, the result is that a single issue has a higher priority at the expense perhaps of other issues.  Yet these issues may have the same or similar benefit to the community and taxpayers.


To combat this issue, Erie County Legislator Edward Rath, III approached the Amherst Chamber of Commerce on working collaboratively to organize an important and worthwhile meeting of our local elected representatives.  By creating a priority list of key issues concerning the Town, potential solutions will result in positive outcomes for all concerned.  It is our hope that this roundtable will also result in public officials working together across geographic and partisan boundaries to identify the impact of pressing issues for residents and business owners alike.  Additionally, such collaboration can identify other issues that may not always be leading the headlines, but nonetheless are important to maintaining the high standards that have made Amherst such a unique place to work, live and play.


The first meeting of the Elected Officials Roundtable will be limited to only those elected officials who represent the Town of Amherst.  As meetings progress, the business community and general public will be invited to attend and offer input and suggestions on topics of concern.  If you have an issue that you would like to be discussed at the Elected Officials Roundtable, please email or call 716.632.6905.  Updates from these meetings will be made available, reflecting the sole purpose of the roundtable. 


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