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Health Insurance- Changes Are Coming

Do You Know How They Will Impact You?

President Colleen DiPirro


Some of you may have seen this article in July's "First Monday"  Newsletter but the Amherst Chamber feels it is an important topic that needs to be shared again with our health insurance subscribers!



Don't be concerned if you don't know the impact of changes in health care on you and your employees - you are not alone.  The New York State Legislature passed the Health Care Exchange Legislation at the end of the session but most of the regulations have not yet been identified.  We have already reached out to the Governor's staff and will be working with the appropriate professionals in Albany to provide input from the consumer standpoint, relative to access, benefits and costs.  Multiple agencies, health insurance carriers and employer groups are reaching out to their New York State representatives for the purpose of driving health care policy in a direction that benefits their specific interests. 


The Amherst Chamber of Commerce intends to take a more holistic approach.  We understand that change is coming.  We recognize that the delivery of health care products is going to be dramatically different in the next couple of years.  Our goal is to insure that the businesses we represent have the ability to provide comprehensive medical benefits to their employees in an affordable and accessible manner.  We are positioning our organization to serve as a Navigator  but be assured, until the last T is crossed and I dotted, we will be engaged in the dialogue, representing your interests. 


Please reach out to us with your concerns.  We will post updates from the New York State Insurance Department on our website, on our Facebook page and in this monthly electronic newsletter, encouraging your input as the policies and procedures are rolled out.  Be assured, we have your back and changes are quite a ways off.  We will make sure you have the appropriate information as it becomes available and are well equipped to make health insurance benefit choices when the landscape changes. 


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