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Chamber Spotlight: Social Media

Engagement in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce doesn't have to end when networking events, council meetings and Tools for Prosperity Workshops are over.  Thanks to the Chamber's and Emerging Business Leaders' presence on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, members can continue to increase their visibility, make new connections and stay up to date on Chamber happenings from the comfort of their home or office.  Think of it as an extension of your membership into the digital space.  Connecting with the Chamber on these sites can even enhance your physical, face-to-face membership experience. 


Increased Visibility for you and your Business

Writing on the Chamber's Facebook wall or tweeting to the Chamber is a quick and efficient way to stay in front of the eyes of other members.  On these sites, you can talk about your product in a friendly and informal way.  If you have a promotion or new offering, connecting to the Chamber's social media community gives you the opportunity to highlight a few features and get noticed by an online audience that might not have otherwise considered your product or service.  If you are using your business' Facebook or Twitter account, sharing an insightful post or information about your company could help you attract new followers and build credibility. 


In addition to telling people about your business, you can seek out information about other member businesses.  If you need help figuring out your taxes as a small business owner or are looking to hire printing services, the Chamber's social media channels are a quick and effective way to send out an inquiry.


Make New Connections

While attending events and workshops is the best way to forge new relationships and expand your network, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are great ways to make initial contact with potential connections and keep in touch with existing ones.  When people read your posts, comments or tweets they start to feel like they already know you.  Familiarity with who you are and what you do makes it easier to strike up a conversation when it comes time for Business After Hours or the next EBL event.


Find out what's New with the Chamber and EBL

Both the Chamber and EBL use social media to share useful articles and member news or to inform followers about upcoming meetings and events.  Recently, the Chamber has begun to announce its new members on Facebook along with businesses that have renewed their membership.  If you have just joined the Chamber or are an existing member, this allows you to gain additional exposure to other professionals who frequent the Facebook page.  On a regular basis, both Facebook accounts post pictures of recent events, so you have the opportunity to look back and remember the highlights. 


Connecting and interacting with the Chamber and Emerging Business Leaders on social media sites helps you gain the full scope of member benefits both in-person and online.  Like your actual membership, the more you use it, the more you get from it.  Staying actively engaged with digital media, ensures optimal connectivity with your network, potential clients and your circle of influence.  Use the links below to tap into the Chamber's social media resources.


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