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"Bravo to you! What a fantastic approach to raising the funds necessary. I appreciate being given the choice to add $100.00 to my membership dues. That is such an indication of class, thought, intelligence and caring for the businesses you represent."

Larry & Janine's Plumbing & Repairs, Inc.

Member Since January 2009



"As the Executive Director of the largest free-standing non-profit audiology practice in the country, I oversee 10 doctors of audiology and seven office support staff.  It is my

responsibility to ensure that the staff constantly develops both their professional and business skills.  I have found the "Tools for Prosperity" seminar series to be incredibly helpful in providing opportunities for my staff to learn more about the business challenges that we face in today's market.  A variety of our staff, from the audiologists to the office and business managers, have attended seminars on everything from website development to business etiquette and actively apply the knowledge gained into their daily work responsibilities.  During a recent employee evaluation, an audiologist in our group even made one of her annual professional development goals to attend more of the Tools for Prosperity seminars.  These seminars provide a great platform for building business professionals in our community and we are thrilled to have this resource available to our entire staff."

Anne Orsene, Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo Inc.

Member Since October 2010




"I joined the Amherst Chamber early in 2011. My initial motivation was to access the terrific selection of health insurance plans offered to Chamber members. Chris Solecki went above and beyond to work with me to find the best plan for my family. But that was only the beginning of my Chamber experience. I joined a Pro-Net group, which has yielded some great contacts and intros. The one-on-one followup meetings have been very fruitful. Colleen also took me up on my offer to do a LinkedIn seminar this past July. We packed the house and got great feedback from Chamber members. Most importantly, I have secured several client engagements from Chamber members, including a couple of major assignments. Caitlin, Kim, Janice and the rest of the Chamber staff have been wonderfully supportive of my efforts as a solo practitioner. Solo businesses often slip through the cracks at large regional chambers, but not in Amherst, where Colleen and her staff treat us as valued business partners. I couldn't be happier with my experience with the Amherst Chamber."

Danny Hanssel,

Member Since February 2011




"Two years ago I joined the Amherst Chamber as an Entrepreneur/Sole Proprieter not knowing anything about the business world. I called every chamber in this WNY area and was trying to find out how they could help my business. Well truth be told, I joined the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and have been a member since. Colleen , Kim , Caitlin and Chris are amazing ,  the members are great, and  the water cooler at the chamber is the coldest around. They have helped me network with the right individuals , guided me down strategic business paths and have been there for me ever since. This is truly a great organization to be a part of. With the help of the Amherst Chamber we have been able to take The Mac Groups from Sole Proprieter to Corporation status.  Treat this like a gym it... Your success within the Amherst Chamber is what you make of it." 

 Sean M. Macaluso, The Mac Groups Inc.

Member Since June 2010




 "I received valuable information from a fellow Pro-Net member, Tim Karnes of Good Samaritan, on a Veteran's Benefit Program that my father who served in WWII could take advantage of. Not only was this info useful but it also spurred conversation with my father about his days in the service that he never discussed with me before. I appreciate every moment that I spend at the Amherst Chamber."

Darrel Winbush, Telperion Solutions Group

Member since December 2007




"When I started my company in 2005, we had built only 3 websites that first year... and had 3 of us sitting on our hands.

Today in 2011, we build close to 300 new sites EVERY year and have 22 people on staff full time in Amherst.


I credit a large part of my success to the engagements at the Amherst Chamber. It was the very first network I joined as a business owner in late 2005 and I immediately got involved in all the programs they had to offer. The best part about being a small business and just getting started was that the costs were so affordable for us to become engaged. Some of my best networking and referral contacts I met were in the first year of pro-net over there. I attended every after hours event and expanded my connections even further. If the costs had been much higher, it would have been difficult to justify in the first couple years and I would have lost out on all that value because I would not have perceived it as nearly what it was from the outside.


In 2006 we started using the chambers very affordable marketing to the members packages and this was a huge confidence booster as a small company, imagine your first advertising piece or outbound marketing campaign, the excitement and anticipation. There were so many organizations and marketing media sources trying to gouge our non-existent budgets that the chamber became a sort of safe ground to talk, bounce ideas, look for connections, market to members, and gain advice from tons of other professionals, also part of the groups.


In 2008, I had grown the company larger and started putting my account managers and other team members into the programs. There, they got to expand their network, get introduced to the hundreds of people I had met and also formed relationships with, and to really boost their own sales and marketing efforts. Personally, I then joined the Business Resource Council and was able to directly start impacting the programs that new and growing members get to experience as well.


So now that we have since surpassed "start-up mode", blown by the $1,000,000 million dollar mark, and have become one of the largest website developers for small businesses in Western New York, I look back at the Chamber as a critical key in helping foster the confidence, marketing reach, and membership experiences that gave us the foundation of growth we have today.


With that I want to personally thank Colleen and the staff that have been there whenever we have needed them. The chamber supports and grows small business, it isn't about the dollars and cents, it's about the value and growth... and that is what I look for when deciding where to spend my time and efforts. Thank you."

Joel Colombo, 360 PSG

Member Since January 2001




"In a world driven by high expectations of instant access to information, we find ourselves inter-connected by lighting-speed technology. The value of every minute in our "super-compressed" 24 hour day seems to be at an all-time high.   Evaluating where to spend your time and resources is critical to effective business development.   The need for maximizing that time and utilizing the best venues to express to others your company's talents is paramount to a successful business journey.


It has been my experience that the Amherst Chamber of Commerce is clearly one of those venues.  I have found it to be a collective body of premier organizations and business professionals which provide opportunities for growing businesses to support and champion one another.  The relationships I've built through the interactions with fellow Chamber members, ProNet group participation and after hours events, have all contributed greatly to our company's regional exposure.  Associations with the other businesses within the organization as well as exposure to those who follow the Chamber's stream of informational sources by utilizing its website features, social media outlets and following their monthly Newsletters have also contributed to the development of our company's branding efforts as well."

Vincent Ricotta, SLR Contracting & Service Company Inc.

Member since June 2009




"As the world changes and technology advances at the speed of light it can sometimes be difficult establishing face-to-face contact with other human beings. I have experienced the Amherst Chamber to be the perfect place to engage in meaningful conversations, establish new relationships, and explore business opportunities.


As a new business owner, I quickly realized networking and building relationships was key to my success. The Amherst Chamber has provided numerous events, committee membership, and speaking engagements to help me get the exposure I needed to let other business leaders know what I do and how I can address their challenges. The Amherst Chamber and its staff have provided valuable resources to help my business grow and have greatly contributed to my success thus far."

Dr. Dionne Kress, DM Kress LLC

Member Since June 2009



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