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 The The Amherst Chamber of Commerce has experienced decades of success and was recently identified as the largest Chamber in the region. One component of the organization's growth and sustainability has been its culture of engagement. Businesses from sole proprietors to major international firms have a role in our organization from a basic membership level to a board leadership capacity. 


The Chamber has a long history of strong leaders who have served as Chairmen of its Board of Directors. As prior Chairmen, these individuals are familiar with the Chamber's operation and value and much of the organization's success is attributable to their leadership.


For this reason, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce has mobilized a formal chairman's group -  Chairman's Circle - and its members include all former Chairmen still in the area. The group's efforts are devoted to public policy and the organization's role in the regional marketplace. From time to time, the group may be asked for their input on organizational and program initiatives, but the majority of their attention is devoted to more global issues.


Amherst Chamber of Commerce Past Chairmen



Fred Barndollar, 1958

Harris Britting, 1959

Fred Roneker, Jr., 1960-1961

Charles Moses, 1962-1963

A.H. 'Hap' Wendin, 1964-1965

Bruno Kielich, Jr., 1966

Marie Corcoran, 1968

Arnold Zelman, 1969

Milton Kader, 1970

 Alfred Anscombe, 1971

George Measer, 1972

Gordon Schilling, 1973

Thomas Davis, 1974

William Widman, 1975

William Frankenstein, 1976

A. Westley Rowland, 1977

Richard Rich, 1979*

James Maley, 1980

Jerome Mason, 1981

Nancy Grillo, 1982*

James Finch, 1983

John Shearer, 1984

Richard Baldwin, 1985*

Edward Rath, Jr., 1986

Joseph Kapsiak, 1987*

Neil Frank, 1988*

Jean Gaulin, 1989

James Allen, 1990*

Russell D'Alba, 1991*

Dr. Walter Kunz, 1992

Peter Lonergan, 1993*

Joseph McIvor, Jr., 1994-1995

John Connors, 1996

Anthony Mussachio, 1997*

Art Wingerter, 1998*

William Regan, 1999*

James Dentinger, 2000*

Howard Zubin, 2001-2002*

Dan Symoniak, 2003*

Michael Newman, 2004*

Paul Nesper, 2005-2006*

Dennis Elsenbeck, 2007-2009*

Mark Gaulin, 2010*

David Flynn, 2011-2012*



*denotes a current member of the Chairman's Circle



The Chairman's Circle meets quarterly throughout the year to advise and serve as a resource to the Chamber's President & CEO as well as the current Board Chair.


David Flynn, Immediate Past Chair, serves as chairman of the circle.






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