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The Amherst Chamber of Commerce is always focused on providing the highest level of services and products for our members that are cost effective.  Our partnership with Genesis PPG does both.  Genesis PPG and the Amherst Chamber of Commerce share the vision of simplifying our clients' employee services so you can spend more time running your company.  


Genesis PPG is a local company that offers the same state of the art techniques as national payroll giants at a lower cost.  Like the Chamber, their corporate culture revolves around service.  Clients don't call an 800 number and speak to someone in Iowa for information about their account. Service representatives work for their respective companies out of Genesis PPG offices. You 

know where to find your representative and they are committed to responding to any and all issues.


If you currently get your health insurance from the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, you can further simplify your office administration, and sign up for payroll services for you and your employees through Genesis PPG.  And, as a chamber member, your first month is free.  If you are not using the Chamber's internal brokerage for your health insurance, now is the time to consider it.  We can customize a group plan for your firm or meet one-on-one with your employees and let them select their own plan and utilize payroll deductions through Genesis PPG for all or part of their premium.  Or, as an employer, you can enhance their compensation and each employee can deal directly with us on plan choice and premiums deducted from their paycheck. Sound confusing?  It doesn't have to be.  Call us, we will explain your options and take the hassles off of your plate.


For more info, Call Penny LaPlaca from the Chamber at 632-6905, or email


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