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The Amherst Chamber of Commerce was organized in 1957 by a group of businessmen in the Village of Williamsville. The all-volunteer organization created the foundation that has allowed us to grow and continue our legacy towards excellence, as a community and as an organization. 


Thanks to the many businesses and individuals who have believed in our mission, we have been able to provide programs and services for the last 59 years and will continue doing so for years to come. 2017 will be our 60th year in operation, while we would like to recognize all of our supporters since our inception, it will be almost impossible. Instead, we have invited honorees from the past 15 years as we pay tribute to this year's award winner. 


In our early years, even though our award honorees represented many different industries, they were all based in Amherst. In the mid-1990's we started to experience significant membership growth and, to our surprise, many of those members were not based in Amherst.  Due to our aggressive business service model and our increasing clout in the regional marketplace, firms from across the region were reaching out to us with an interest in participation in our organization.  Our organic growth into a Suburban Chamber with a Regional Vision was launched.  Today, over 40% of our members are not located in Amherst. We have members representing over 100 zip codes in the Western New York region.  Consequently, our award recipients have been selected based on their expertise -not their location. 

You might also question why the Amherst Chamber of Commerce is hosting an event in the City of Buffalo.  Attendance at this annual event has exceeded the capacity at potential venues in Amherst.  But, working together, across geographic, gender, race, political and age boundaries, will allow the Buffalo Niagara region continue to grow and prosper.

Please join us as we salute individuals and firms for their commitment to excellence and their outstanding achievements at The Event being held Monday, October 24th at the Adam's Mark.  We anticipate 400 or more business and community leaders to be in attendance at our prestigious gathering as we kick off our 60th Anniversary.

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