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Of course everyone wants to get the most value out of their dollars, and when it comes to health care costs, there are definitely some easy ways you can save money. You just need to know how.


Independent Health recently launched a new webpage of different ways people can minimize their health care expenses.  


Ways to Save


Know Your Benefits & Find Savings

Familiarize yourself with the health care services covered under your plan and their costs - including free Annual Wellness Visits and other $0 preventive services to help you live a healthy life. Your plan may also include additional benefits like money toward a gym membership or fitness classes.


Partner With Your Doctor

Your primary care physician is your best partner in managing and coordinating your care, and an important resource for managing your health care costs. When you have your annual wellness visit with your doctor, let them know if you're in a deductible plan and ask about lower cost care or service options that might be appropriate for you.


Understand How to Save Time & Money

When you can't reach your primary care physician, you may have options that allow you to seek the appropriate health care you need while also managing your out-of-pocket costs. For examples, here are some care options offered by Independent Health to its members:

     24-Hour Medical Help Line

·      Call or chat online with an experienced registered nurse when you have a health question or concern.

·      Learn about treatment and procedure options available to you for different health problems or issues.

·      Available at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Telemedicine Benefit

·      Connect with a doctor anytime, anywhere, using your phone or online video to discuss non-emergency symptoms or conditions (e.g., common cold).

·      A prescription can be filled if medically necessary.

·      Available at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

·      Please refer to your plan benefits to determine whether this option is available to you.


Urgent Care

·      Immediate care for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses (e.g., sprains, cuts, infections).

·      Great alternative for times when you are unable to reach your primary care physician.

·      More cost-effective alternative to the emergency room.


Emergency Room

·      Immediate help for life-threatening injuries and illnesses, such as loss of consciousness or chest pain.

·      Available when you need it, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Manage Your Prescription Costs

There are many options available to help you save money on prescription costs. Talk with your primary care physician about the following options, and which make the most sense for you.


·      Switch to a Generic Drug - Generic alternatives are often equally as effective as their brand name counterparts and are less expensive.

·      90-Day Scripts - Switching to a 90‐day supply could save you money on your maintenance prescriptions.

·      Compare Drug Costs - Did you know that prices for the same prescription may vary by pharmacy? Use our Prescription Copay tool to estimate the cost before going to your pharmacy.


·      Tablet Splitting - You could save on your prescription costs by splitting a higher dose tablet in half. Some examples of commonly prescribed drugs where this savings technique really helps are Januvia, Abilify and Abilify Aripiprazole (generic) and Crestor.


Check out other tips and additional details on how to save money when it comes to your health care costs at the Independent Health's Simple Ways To Save & Manage Your Health Care Costs webpage. 



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