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Each year the Amherst Chamber of Commerce Nominating Committee reaches out to our membership to request nominations for consideration to serve on our Board of Directors.  Our goal is to make sure that our Board truly represents all components of our membership.  In addition to categorizing by industry, we strive to have geographic and gender diversity.  We also give attention to the size of a business so that small and large firms are represented.  Several individuals who requested consideration were not selected because we had reached our goals in a specific industry and we develop a single slate for our membership's approval. However, our by-laws allow any individual who was not selected to circulate a petition and secure the signature of 10 members in good standing and they would be added to the slate for a membership vote.  

The Nominating Committee, Executive Committee and Board of Directors propose the following slate for your consideration to serve a three year term as a member of the Board:

Thomas Ulbrich - Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Timothy Vaeth - JT Vaeth, LLC 

Mickey Zablonski - NOCO

Elizabeth Carey - Automobile Club of Central and Western New York

Daniel Gagliardo - Davolio


Incumbents who have been selected for a second term are:

Warren Todd Colville - Buffalo News

Sharon Lochocki - Key Bank

Bobby Mills - Daemen College

Patrick Schiske - West Herr Automotive

Carolyn Valenti - Lougen, Valenti, Bookbinder and Weintraub

Michael Marong - Bank of America

Pursuant to our by-laws, If you agree with this slate you do not need to respond as it is a single slate.  If you want to circulate a petition you must have it completed and returned to the Chamber within ten days - December 17, 2015.  


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