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MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR - The Year of Work Begins



Work continues on the strategic plan.  In our efforts to enhance board engagement and integration with Emerging Business Leaders, we spent last month populating the various committees that we identified through the strategic planning process.  

The committees and chairs are as follows:

Audit - Rich Cahlstadt
Executive Committee - Earl Wells
Finance - Carolyn Valenti
Governance - David Flynn
Membership, Investors, Products and Services - Mark Gaulin

We also have created two task forces, one will focus on succession planning and organizational structure, it will be chaired by Scott Stenclik.  The other task force will focus on debt reduction, and will be chaired by Jeff Fancher.  

I am happy to report that there is at least one board member from Emerging Business Leaders(EBL) serving on a committee or task force.  Even though I have missed the last two EBL Board meetings, I am resolute in getting these dynamic professionals more engaged in all aspects of our operations. 

Each committee is in the process of identifying its objectives and scope of work, which are key components of the strategic plan.  This will be finalized over the next couple of months as the committees begin to meet and sort these matters out.  

It also should be noted that the Chamber staff will be very closely engaged with the work of the committees as there will be a staff liaison to each committee.  The committee work is not intended to manage the day to day operations of the organization; rather, the work of the committees is intended to assist the Chamber staff with their needs in order to fulfill the objectives of the organization both short and long-term.  

At the moment, we simply do not have the necessary resources to provide the appropriate staffing levels we need to grow our organization and remain viable.  We are very fortunate to have a tremendous staff that wears so many hats to run an efficient operation. Identifying and providing for these resources is another key aspect of our strategic plan.

On a couple of other notes, I want to acknowledge the great work of our Business Resource Council under the leadership of Tim Kwiatkowski in his role as chair of this critically important Council.  I also should add that the foundation of this Council was the result of the hard work of our previous Council Chair, Rachael Brown.

The Business Resource Council is the lifeline as far as the connectivity with our small business members.  The bottom line is that the BRC is where the rubber meets the road!
Along these lines, please come out and support the Buffalo Means Business event on April 28th at Prior Aviation that the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and the BRC are partnering on with Entercom Buffalo.  Please see more details about this great event in Colleen's Message from the President.
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