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When Eating an Elephant, Take One Bite at a Time!

Sometimes as I go through the day as President of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, my to do list is as daunting as eating an elephant.  However, after over 34 years on the job, I have come to realize that taking one 'bite at a time' helps me realize my goals and lessens my sense that the workload is overwhelming.  While some may think that my job description is insignificant, most of what we do at the Chamber has tremendous significance on our members and the community.

The leadership at the Chamber, from the Board of Directors to the staff, to our volunteers and committee and council members, has set a precedent for being responsive to the needs and challenges of our members.  We take that responsibility seriously and have positioned the organization as the go-to place for resources and problem resolution.  So when someone calls you and asks you for the phone number of the yellow house on Cayuga, you feel you should have the answer - true story.  All kidding aside, we frequently have members reach out to us for assistance in growing their business, increasing their sales or decreasing their expenses.  We are diligent and put forth a great deal of effort towards identifying programs and services that address your needs.  But, as our membership has grown to its current number, in excess of 2,000, it becomes harder to keep your finger on the pulse of our diverse membership segments and to be assured we are providing the necessary menu of benefits. 

That is why we are facilitating a formal Strategic Planning Process.  We have contracted with Mr. Robert Volpe who has spent the past few months contacting community leaders from across the region to gather information on their views relative to the Chambers current status and request input on their recommendations for improvements. As a Chamber member, you recently received a survey asking you to weigh in on our offerings and the level of service we provide.  If you haven't already, please take the time to respond.  Hundreds of businesses can attest to the value they have received from our offerings and assistance.  We don't know if those that aren't in this category is because there is a void in our services, if the pricing is incorrect or the times and locations are inconvenient or if our communications are not effective.  This is your Chamber.  You invested in it.  Help us to design the future so that you receive a tangible return on your investment.



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