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Small Business Month 

As I enter my 35th year as the CEO of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce and, what seems like the millionth event we have hosted, I struggled over the content of my message for the Small Business Awards Luncheon and Showcase.  Then I had an epiphany and realized the member success we are celebrating should be at the core of the content.  



We have honored sole proprietors and CEO's, firms large and small and representing a multitude of industries.  Many have gone on to achieve great things, a few have struggled and some are no longer in operation.  But they all had some common characteristics including dedication, vision, a commitment to working hard and drive.  Some failed because they were under - capitalized.  Others struggled because of the downturn in the economy.  A few merged with other firms or sold their company.  



I would like to think that the Amherst Chamber of Commerce assisted with those that succeeded and looked for ways to overcome challenges for those that struggled or failed.  That is a pledge we continue to maintain with our members.  A pledge to support you in good times and in bad and to work with you to overcome challenges to your prosperity.  Every individual has a role in the success of the organization they represent, whether you are an employee or the owner.  And, the Amherst Chamber of Commerce will continue our role as a provider that assists you in meeting your goals so we can celebrate 35 more years of your business success - individually and collectively.


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