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Most Chambers in the region stopped providing health insurance and, if they do, it is through a third party administrator.  The mobilization of the Affordable Care Act/ObamaCare, made health insurance available to all without going through an agency.  So, why did the Amherst Chamber of Commerce continue to provide this employee benefit and continue staff training to make sure we had all the tools necessary to offer this benefit?  We did it because our members told us health insurance was confusing.  They didn't know if they qualified for a subsidy and, if they did, what the impact on their earnings and taxes would be.  Small group employers wondered if they were required to offer it to all their employees and, if so, did they have to pay for it?  They also wondered if an employee qualified for a subsidy but the employer didn't, how do they facilitate that arrangement.  If an employer or manager wanted a benefit rich Platinum Plan but rank and file employees who earn less want a high deductible bronze or silver plan, is that allowable?  A website or 800 number can't answer these questions.  Small firms which represent 70%  of our membership usually don't have Human Resource professionals on staff who can assist with these issues.  Failure to comply with Federal and State regulations can cause employers huge problems and, possibly, penalties.  When a large portion of a firm's revenue is dedicated to employee benefits, we want to make sure we are serving as a resource to assist owners and managers in making the right decision - for themselves and their employees.  

If you are confused about health insurance and worrying about retaining your employees because of concerns about the cost of benefits, call us.  We can provide you and your employees with a vast selection of plans with costs the same as you would pay on the exchange but none of the angst.  Our licensed staff brokers have the latest premium rates and the knowledge to put you at ease.  Call Katy Murray at 632-6905 for rates and plan reviews.

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