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Approximately 25 years ago I was advised that the Chamber needed to transition from typewriters to a computer network with a server.  We contracted with a member to assist us and $20,000 later I sighed with relief that it was done and I wouldn't have to deal with that again in my career. LOL!!  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Less than five years later, our Novell server was antiquated, we needed to upgrade our software and staff needed continuous training.  Today, five years is a lifetime for technology and, it seems, we are constantly working to stay relevant.

Let's start with the Cloud.  We are in the cloud, are you?  I don't really know what the Cloud is but when our provider, Superior Technical Resources, told me we should be in it and it would increase capabilities and reduce costs, I was in.  Chamber communications and marketing staff told me we needed a mobile application so we developed it.  Now when the public wants to access us on their mobile device, they can, and it looks great.  Next was website.  It worked okay and contained boatloads of information about us but it wasn't edgy. We need and want to reflect our culture which is current, cutting edge and entertaining for the viewer. So, we are re-doing our website.  

Communication with our members and the public is a big responsibility for us.  We need to tell you about our events, our positions on public policy, our benefits and workshops and keep you connected with our other members.  In the old days, we sent out printed newsletters.  It was labor intensive, costly and often 'old news'.  We transitioned to electronic newsletters and emails to communicate.  It was great in the beginning but as everyone got inundated with emails, we found readership was declining.  Let's not even talk about the challenge of our communications going to your spam or junk folders.  Our solution was to institute text messages.  Please view the image below this article to provide us with your number so we can text you news you need to know.  We promise to be conservative and not flood your phone with unnecessary messages. 

Additionally, please email me at with any suggestions you have regarding communications best practices or recommendations on keeping our members informed.

At the end of the day, we don't have all the answers.  But, we are devoted to implementing the newest and the most efficient methods for integrating the latest in technology into our operations and using our resources wisely as we represent our members.  And, guess what?  Our initial investment in technology was a drop in the bucket.  We will continue to invest to ensure we remain one of the most relevant business organizations in the marketplace.  

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