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Could Obamacare Be Repealed When the GOP Takes Over the Senate?

Many of the individuals in attendance at the Amherst Chamber Health Insurance information sessions last week wondered if the Republicans would repeal the Affordable Care Act when they took office in January.  After a year of uncertainty about the changes in the health care delivery process, they had major concerns about what was going to happen in the future.  The advantage of securing your health insurance with the Amherst Chamber is, that in addition to numerous products for individuals and small businesses and three licensed brokers on staff, we have close professional relationships with our public officials in Washington and the leadership at the carriers so we always have access to any systemic changes that impact our members. 

And here is what we know - the Affordable Care Act cannot be repealed - it is a law.  But, it can be changed.  At this time, there is a lot of chatter but no real expectations of major overhaul in the short term.  Our advice remains the same; select a plan that has the benefits that meet your medical needs at the best price point.  Let us help you understand the components of your policy, such as deductibles and co-insurance, so you don't have any surprises.  We will keep you informed when and if any major changes to health insurance occur.  Nothing that could happen, however, would preclude the Amherst Chamber from assisting you.  Our mission is to provide products and services that help our members grow and prosper and health insurance is just one of those products.  Because we are a licensed Insurance Agency we have the ongoing ability to continue to serve the business community in Western New York. 


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