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Importance in Getting to Preventative Care Services


We have all been there before.  There's a looming medical procedure that entails anesthesia, sedation, or inability to drive safely and you keep postponing.  Concern over how you will get home and fear in inconveniencing a friend or family member, can disable an individual from scheduling.


Under the Affordable Care Act, there's coverage for Preventative Care Services.  Although necessary, many employees find themselves pushing the appointment off, until they've completely forgotten to reschedule.  As we get older, preventative care becomes more and more important.  Scheduling and keeping appointments will enable you to stay on top of health concerns and promote a better well-being.


How do you maintain preventative care appointments when there are several barriers involving transportation?  Here at the Chamber, our well-respected member, Designated Drivers of Buffalo, offers a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation service that drives patients home from a medical procedure, in the comfort of their own vehicle.


Through this service, individuals are able to have peace of mind, so that they may focus on their health.  This service can help save time, money, and stress by driving the patient home in their car after the procedure. 


If you need the push to put that appointment on your calendar, call Designated Drivers of Buffalo for their Medical Transportation Service at 716-202-2222 or visit and stay in good health.

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