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Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs asks YOU to RENEW Local

Help Keep $1.5 Million Dollars in Erie County - Renew Your Automobile Registration in Postage-Paid Green Envelope



Did you know that every time you renew your registration on-line or use the "pink" envelope sent to you by the State 100% of that registration fee goes directly to Albany. So why not "Renew Local" and use our postage-paid signature "green" envelope and keep 12.7% of your transaction in Erie County? You will also receive your registration quicker, usually within 3 business days, and save on postage. That's a win-win for Erie County residents!


"Renew Local" is smart and simple. Just put your registration renewal form and your check, made payable to the Erie County Clerk, in the postage-paid green envelope, sign the registration renewal form and simply drop it in any mailbox. One of the simplest ways to obtain our signature green envelope is by going to, completing the on-line request form and a "Renew Local" envelope will be mailed directly to you.


With cooperation from my colleagues in government and the business community, you can pick up a "Renew Local" envelope at several locations throughout Erie County including all Village, City and Town Clerk offices, all Buffalo and Erie County Public Libraries and Dunn Tire. And of course, the envelopes are also available at the County Clerk's Office and at any of the six Erie County Auto Bureau locations or mobile sites.


Our goal is to have the postage-paid green envelopes available at convenient outlets throughout the county. If your company or auto-related business would like to host a display to help spread the message and join in the "Renew Local" initiative, please contact the Clerk's Office at 858-7754 or send an e-mail request to


If everyone registers locally, the financial impact on Erie County would be upwards of an additional $1.5 million in revenue per year. As participation in the program increases, the amount of money staying in Erie County increases.


I urge all motorists to utilize the "Renew Local" program as an easy, time-saving way to help keep up our hard earned money here in Erie County. "Renew Local" the next time you have to renew your vehicle registration!

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