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Amherst Chamber Prepares for Open Enrollment

Why You Should Come to the Amherst Chamber for Your Health Insurance


"Insurance renewals could mean higher health premiums" was the headline on the front page of a Buffalo News story Monday. They went on to say, "For the eight million who persevered through the technical travails in the exchanges and managed to sign up for coverage in 2014, their policies will automatically renew come November when open enrollment begins. Many people pay far more than they need to and have policies that don't fit their circumstances." 

Even if you made a good choice last year, your premium could go up substantially because of components of the Affordable Care Act. The Amherst Chamber of Commerce and our fully-licensed staff brokers can assist you in evaluating your costs and coverage options. We have dozens of plan options with various cost and benefit structures. 

If you are an employer, we can assist you in identifying plans that meet your firm's fiscal needs and your employee's diverse requirements. You can also send your employees directly to us and we will customize a plan for them and bill them direct. If you want to contribute to their benefits, we can facilitate that and take the responsibility for designing plans, assisting with enrollment and service the accounts individually. 

Health insurance, the cost, the options, the regulations, is a huge challenge for small employers. The Amherst Chamber has created a division that provides assistance to our members in an effort to service their needs and allows them to focus on their core competencies. Retaining good employees provides a strong foundation for success and we are available to help. 

This is another example of a service that helps our members expand their Circle of Influence.  

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