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The Chamber's commitment to members doesn't stop after open enrollment ends

The annual Open Enrollment period has come and gone. I was happy to have met with many chamber members to review their coverage and answer their questions.  A number of chamber members attended our insurance informational sessions and left with a better understanding of how their benefits work as well as a more in-depth knowledge of the advantages of a Health Savings Account. It brings me satisfaction to help members navigate the confusing and costly insurance landscape so they are able to devote more time and resources to running their businesses.



So now that Open Enrollment is over, what can you do to maximize your benefits and stay healthy?


First, if you switched insurance plans or carriers, take a moment to check if you received your new ID cards. Your doctor will request to see your new plan information at your next visit. The card should reflect the new plan or tier.


Does your insurance plan offer a wellness benefit that requires an additional card to utilize the benefit?  These are often shipped separately from the ID card. If you have not received your wellness card, or are unsure if your plan includes one, please contact me so that I can help you take advantage of this benefit right away.


I highly recommend that all subscribers sign up with an account on your insurance carrier's website.  Not only can you track claims, but most importantly, you can search for participating doctors.  Every plan encourages you to use a network provider due to the contracts they have with the insurance carrier, which in turn keeps the costs down for everyone.  Some sites even allow you to print a temporary ID card if you should lose yours.  The insurance carriers include health information and possibly discounts on health services such as fitness classes, vitamins, or nutritional classes.


The new year will allow those who maximized their Health Savings Accounts to once again begin making contributions. Please remember that only those members enrolled in a qualified high deductible health plan can participate and contribute to a Health Savings Account.


The contribution limits to a Health Savings Account have increased this year and are as follows:

                                Single                    $3,250

                                Family                   $6,450


Our commitment to our members does not stop at the end of Open Enrollment. The Amherst Chamber of Commerce will continue to be a valuable resource of knowledge for small businesses. I am always available if you have questions about your insurance plan, need to remove dependents, add a newborn, or verify that we have received your payment.

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