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By Colleen DiPirro


19.6 million Americans work for companies employing fewer than 20 workers.  Small businesses are a continuing source of dynamism for the American economy.  Over 90% of the members in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce are small businesses.  We devote a majority of our services to that sector because, not only do we have the ability to impact their prosperity; small businesses are the backbone of our regional economy.  Every time we provide a service that benefits a small business member, we add value to the economic vibrancy of the entire region.

As one of the largest business organizations in the region, we certainly recognize the value large employers provide our residents and taxpayers.  Their leadership, philanthropy and corporate support strengthens our community and provides for the high quality of life Western New York is known for.  But the small businesses are the ones that, day in and day out, form the fabric of our lives.  Small Business Month is the time to celebrate these entrepreneurs and recognize the sacrifices they make and the dedication they exhibit.  We are hosting our Small Business Awards Luncheon May 17th at Samuel's Grande Manor.  In addition to utilizing this event to recognize outstanding small business representatives, 33 firms will be exhibiters at our Small Business Showcase. Please make plans to attend. Supporting our small businesses is supporting our economy.  Working together to provide quality products and services increases employment, supports our tax base and underwrites the public services we all value.  Growing our private sector is the single most important goal of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce.  We want to give a shout out to all of our over 2,000 small business members but are excited about utilizing this event to pay tribute to those that have especially distinguished themselves in the marketplace in the past year. 

So, Mark Your Calendar and plan on attending the showcase and the luncheon.


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