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Message from the President

By the time this message hits your desk, you should have renewed your health insurance for 2014.  The Chamber staff worked diligently to service all of our members.  Many times we had lines out the door and dozens of messages to return because of the massive confusion caused by the Affordable Care Act.  Benefit plans have changed and for most people premiums have skyrocketed.  Fortunately, the Amherst Chamber staff had significant training and expertise and because of our close relationship with the carriers, we were able to work with our clients and find plans that met their needs.  We recognize that the rate increases are causing hardship for many and we are going to continue to do our best to provide services that will increase your profitability and lower your operating expenses in an effort to lessen this burden.

An additional aspect the Chamber will continue to promote is the cause and effect of health insurance utilization on premiums.  Because our premiums are so high, we are acclimated to attempt to 'get our money's worth'.  We feel that if we walk out of our doctor's office with a couple of prescriptions and maybe a referral for a specialist or a test, we are getting value for our premium.  However, we are actually contributing to rising premiums if these actions are not necessary.  Essentially, all premiums go in to one pot and claims come out of another pot.  If claims exceed premiums, our rates increase.  Accepting generic drugs when possible can help maintain costs.  Having an x-ray instead of an MRI when appropriate can stabilize expenses.  Eating healthy, excersing and not smoking can have a major impact on the nation's overall health.  None of these things will change our current rates but recognition for the paradigm shift necessary for long term systemic change is critical to the cost effective of health insurance in the future. 

If you don't currently get your health insurance from the Amherst Chamber of Commerce but would like our assistance in the future call us at 632-6905 today.  We can provide insurance for individuals and sole proprietors and small groups. 

Colleen C. DiPirro-Colleen C. DiPirro


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