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Preserving Our Legacies Series

The Door Through the Brick Wall

Facing the challenges to dignified aging, can be overwhelming. You are not alone. There are millions of seniors and their adult children looking at the same brick wall - depleting resources in an effort to overcome its obstacles and continue on a rewarding path of aging. Today's caregivers make heart wrenching decisions, are forced to assume high stacks, and suffer great losses while caring for their elderly parents.


Preserving Our Legacies Series is mapping out an entry and framing an opening into a better way of living. The weekly shows will commence on Wednesday June 19, 2013 with solution driven conversations regarding the state of affairs in senior care. The ground breaking series speaks to the wide range of constituents affected by the current status quo. If you are at all likely to care for a loved one through the final years of life - this is an opportunity to become educated on the pitfalls. If you are currently seeking a better strategy for being a good steward of a loved one's legacy - this is an opportunity to connect with your communal counterparts. And if you have already transversed this unforgiving terrain - this is an opportunity to recover from the past and share in the making of a brighter future.

Facing the brick wall alone can be intimidating. Consider this...what happens when the massiveness of the wall is put into a more manageable perspective? Say, to the size of a doorway. And better yet, what happens when you are joined by others confronted with the same challenge? A breakthrough becomes more of a possibility. 

There must be a better way, with real solutions. Instead of each person attempting to knock down the entire wall in a hopeless solo act, Preserving Our Legacies is putting perspective on the issue and pulling together resources to get past the wall.

More hands make lighter a part of the breakthrough.  

The series is the vision of AARP Award Winner, Tonnalee Batchelor, an adult educator of nearly forty years and the master architect of the University at Buffalo's Division of Continuing and Professional Studies - Career/Life Transitions Series.  Every Wednesday at 12:30 noon Batchelor, is joined by daughter and urban development specialist, Tuona Batchelor on WUFO 1080 AM for continued discussions focused on the need for geriatric care improvements. 


We encourage you to help break the silence... our quality of life is on the line. 

Don't go at it alone, there's support. Join the conversation every Wednesday at 12:30 noon on WUFO 1080 AM.



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