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Chamber Seeks Nominations for the 2014 Board of Directors


The Amherst Chamber of Commerce represents over 3,000 members of the Western New York business community, providing the services and programs needed to grow each member's individual prosperity. Governing our actions is the Chamber's Board of Directors, made up of 40 individuals from a variety of industries and backgrounds. We have active representation from sole proprietors, to small business owners, to corporate executives in large companies on our board. This month, the nomination process for the 2014 Amherst Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors will begin.

Each board member serves a three year term and may serve a maximum of three terms. Any chamber member in good standing is eligible for consideration to serve on the Board of Directors. Each year a nominating committee, which is comprised of the Chamber's President, current Chairman of the Board and immediate past Chairman of the Board, selects a single slate of candidates for ratification by the general membership. The Nominating Committee works hard each year to ensure that incoming members of the Board are geographically diverse, from both a broad range of industries and companies of all sizes.


Membership on the Board of Directors has become a sought after position.  As one of the ten largest Chambers of Commerce in the state we have significant impact in the region on multiple levels. Our relationship with public policy decision makers and our public officials at every level of government has resulted in our having a seat at the table on the issues that will impact our members most. 


Board meetings alternate throughout the year between business sessions and guest speaker meetings.  Our 2013 speakers have included Steve Hyde (Genesee County Economic Development Center), Warren Colville (The Buffalo News) and Howard Zemsky (Larkin Development Group).


Members of the Board of Directors of the Amherst Chamber of Commerce provide leadership to the organization and the business community at large.  They assist the staff in developing positions on public policy.  They support our signature events which include our Business of the Year Dinner, Small Business Awards Luncheon and our Annual Luncheon.  They are not responsible for running events or even volunteering to work them, they simply support the events by purchasing or organizing the purchase of a table.  Board members are inducted at our Annual Meeting in January which also features the State of the Town Address by the Amherst Town Supervisor. 


While board members historically represent firms that can make a major investment in the Amherst Chamber of Commerce, some smaller firms participate by assisting us in identifying investors or providing us with in-kind leadership.  No matter the size of their firm, what all board members have in common is a belief in the value of our organization to the region and a vision of our role in growing the prosperity of Western New York.


If you would like to submit a nomination for the 2014 Board of Directors, please email your resume or biography to Caitlin McNulty at no later than Friday September 6, 2013 at 5:00pm. The 2014 Board of Directors slate will be brought to the Chamber membership at the end of the year for a vote.

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