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Contain Health Care Costs with Generic Prescriptions


Lawley's April Wellness Newsletter details how to save money on prescription drug costs. The most effective way to do this is to purchase generic drugs. A common misconception among consumers is that generic drugs are inferior to brand-name drugs. This is not the case. Generic drugs are typically 80% less expensive than exact copies of their brand-name counterparts and still must meet all the same FDA standards.


In addition to looking into generic drugs, consumers should become familiar with drug formularies. Drug formularies are used by HMOs and some employer plans to make the most of their pharmacy benefits. The formulary is a preferred drug list that is compiled based on safety, effectiveness and price. This set of commonly prescribed medications consists of both brand and generic drugs that have been approved by the health plan's panel of physicians and pharmacists. Selecting a medication off of this list usually comes at a cheaper price and without the hassle of trying to select a prescription among the thousands available. For more information on drug formularies, click here.


No matter if you are buying generic or brand-name drugs, other cost-cutting measures are available to you as the consumer. These include looking at mail-order options that can provide a three-month supply of medicine at the price of a one-month supply. Also, be sure to double check your medical bills for doctor or hospital errors.


If you have any questions about the prescription drug coverage included in your health insurance plan, please call the Amherst Chamber of Commerce's health insurance service coordinator Angela Kasperek at 632-6905 or email her at

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